Armed Forces Scores

We are coming father Abra'am
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1862
Bryant, et al.
America calls
Annie Morden Bassett, (ndu) 1917
With Pershing in France
Ivers Louise Ashley, (xx) 1917
The boys in khaki there is no blue nor gray
John A. Rutherford, (xx) 1917
Bickerstaff, et al.
The wings of the U. S. A
W. H. Blanchard, (cau) 1917
Blanchard, et al.
Oh, hock the Kaiser
R. H. Bonnell, (nyu) 1917
The call to arms march song
Maud Richey Bonnell, (cau) 1917
The song of Uncle Sam's boys
James Arnott, (cau) 1917
Pard-ners of Uncle Sam
W.E. Baxter, Co., (kyu) 1917
Your country is calling
Frances Payne Patterson, (xx) 1917
Betts, et al.
Your country needs you
Edith Waite-Colson, (nyu) 1917
Bower, et al.
Good luck to the U. S. A
Frederick V. Bowers, Inc., (nyu) 1917
Bowers, et al.