Articles about Antonin Artaud

Conquering Mexico
Opera (2015) Vol. 66, No. 4, pp. 441-444


This scream I've thrown out is a dream: corporeal transformation through sound, an Artaudian experiment
Studies in Musical Theatre (2010) Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 67-74

Antonin Artaud's last radio recording from 1948 is one of his final projects of corporeal transformation: where the visual body is completely absent in radio broadcasting, Artaud's body without organs puts together words, music, screams, glossolalia and laughter as visual ...

"A(lter) A(ction)": un tentativo di teatro musicale d'avanguardia
Il Saggiatore Musicale (1998) Vol. 5, pp. 327-344

This exploration of A(lter) A(ction), a work of avant-garde musical theatre conceived by Egisto Macchi and Mario Diacono in 1966, takes as its starting point the cultural and musical context of the 1960s in order to establish precise links between ...