American Red Cross Scores

When my Red Cross girl comes home
publisher not identified, (xxu) 1917
The banner of mercy Red Cross song and chorus
Ed. M. Sheridan, (cau) 1917
My country needs me
[L.F. Cooper], (cou) 1917
The Red Cross girl
The Brower Gilberts, (ctu) 1917
Dear little Mary soldiers' nurse
McPherson Publishers, (pau) 1917
Just the glorious U.S.A
Tullar Meredith Co., (nyu) 1917
America it's up to you
Haws & Chins Co. Music Publishers, (nbu) 1917
Chins, et al.
Let's help the Red Cross now
Metropolis Music, (nyu) 1917
That red cross girl of mine
Buckeye Music Pub., (ohu) 1917
Our lone pet may be a soldier yet
Chas. McGinn, (pau) 1917
Dicey, et al.
The Red Cross nurse
published by Harry G. Walsh, (wiu) 1917
Our Red Cross patriots the nations' life savers
W.R. Thompson, (ohu) 1917
Thompson, et al.