Allied And Associated Powers (1914-1920) Scores

Hello, red, white and blue, America and all her allies too
L. Grunewald Co. Ltd., (lau) 1917
Iddings, et al.
We're coming sister France
Norman Meadows, (nyu) 1917
Battle hymn of the Allies
monographic. (xx) ©1917.
Freedom's war song
monographic. (xx) ©1917.
It's a long way to Europe, but Teddy knows the way
Irvine Music House, (ilu) 1917
Irvine, et al.
Conrades in Arms (let's rally, boys)
Geo. S. Barlow, (nyu) 1917
Barlow, et al.
A battle hymn of democracy
James H. Blount, (dcu) 1917
Three flags red, white and blue
J. Frank Davis & H. W. B. Barnes, (xx) 1917
Barnes, et al.
There will be no Kaiser anymore
James M. Black, (pau) 1917
The world for democracy President Wilson's call : patriotic
Marks Probasco Publisher, (inu) 1917
Probasco, et al.
The song of the Allies go it boys the hour has come
Billy Smythe Music Co., (kyu) 1918