Articles about 1970s

The Expansion of Form, Sonic Manipulation and Classical Techniques in Rock Music of the 1970's

The 1970s saw the advent of a new style of rock music that developed into a sophisticated and complex alternative to the simpler, more straightforward music of the 1960s. This new genre of music was dubbed "progressive" rock due to ...

Mistaken Identities in Carter’s Variations for Orchestra

Composed after the ground-breaking First String Quartet, Elliott Carter’s Variations for Orchestra extends many of the innovations that elevated that work, and Carter himself, to the status of official representatives of the postwar avant-garde. However, the Variations still include many ...

Whose Voices? The Fate of Luigi Nono's "Voci destroying muros"
Journal of the American Musicological Society (2016) Vol. 69, No. 1, pp. 179-236

Luigi Nono's "Voci destroying muros" for female voices and small orchestra was performed for the first and only time at the Holland Festival in 1970. A setting of texts by female prisoners and factory workers, it marks a sharp stylistic ...

Replay: Rare Richter
Gramophone (2016) Vol. 93, pp. 97


Mick Jagger Will Rock Primetime
Billboard (2016) Vol. 128, No. 1, pp. 40-41