1910-1920 Scores

You'll know Uncle Sam went some
Walter O. Miller, (xx) 1918
Knock the germ out of Germany
Wm. A. Miller, (mou) 1918
Nobody's business but mine
The Composer, (oku) 1918
When our soldier boys come home from France a beautiful march song
The National Capital Music Pub. Co., (dcu) 1918
Burke, et al.
God bless the boys of Uncle Sam
[publisher not identified], (xx) 1918
Finn, et al.
Three cheers for liberty
Marie A. Miller, (pau) 1918
It's a long way from America
Miller Pub. Co., (nyu) 1918
Good-bye Uncle Sam we are going
Delmar Music Co., (ilu) 1918
And we'll wear the Kaiser's crown
Delmar Music Co., (ilu) 1918
In the service of our country "united we stand"
A.W. Bahlke & Co., (oru) 1918
W., et al.
Legters Music Co., (ilu) 1919
You never found a partner to couquer Uncle Sam
A.W. Perry's Sons, Music Publishers, (mou) 1919