1860-1948 Scores

In France with Pershing marching song
Arcanum Music Co., (pau) 1917
McOwen, et al.
General Pershing and his men
Old Reliable Music Co., (ohu) 1917
Clark, et al.
We're on our way to meet you, General Pershing song
The Queen Music Co., (nyu) 1917
Merle, et al.
When Pershing leads them over novelty song march
R.G. Corgan & Co., (mau) 1917
Corpus, et al.
We are with you General Pershing
Edward S. Gushee, (nyu) 1917
Gushee, et al.
My midnight dream
Delmar Music Co., (ilu) 1918
Bennett, et al.
When Pershing takes Berlin
North American Music Company, (ilu) 1918
Brennan, et al.
Our General, over there
M. Isabella Osmun, (xx) 1918
Brooks, et al.
Army Yankees on the Rhine, Navy Yankees on the brine
F.N. Graves, (mau) 1918
Bennet, et al.
It's all over over there
Montrose Music Shop, (ilu) 1918
Dennis, et al.
General Pershing of the U.S.A
Wm. H. Bennett, (ilu) 1918
Bennett, et al.
Tell Pershing I'll be there
Edmund Gwin, (inu) 1918
Condo, et al.