Articles about 15th Century

Lamentaciones del profeta Jeremías en Ciutadella de Menorca: estudio y análisis del final polifónico de una fuente pretridentina
Anuario Musical (2015) , pp. 27-42

This article represents a first approach to a written and so far unpublished musical source: three loose parchment bifolia kept in the Diocesan Archive of Menorca that contain fragments from the Lamentations of Prophet Jeremiah. Their use predate the Council ...

Los órganos de la catedral de Valencia en el tránsito del Gótico al Renacimiento
Nassarre (2015) , pp. 15-68

The process of transition from the Gothic church organs to the Renaissance organs is one of the most interesting chapters in the evolution of these instruments, because the new technical and design features, incorporated in this historical period, are fundamental ...

Con lagreme bagnandome el viso: mourning and music in late medieval Padua
Plainsong and Medieval Music (2015) Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 71-89

In the years before his death, Johannes Ciconia (1370?-1412) set to music several poems penned by the young Venetian humanist Leonardo Giustinian. One of the earliest of these settings is Con lagreme bagnandome el viso. This article proposes that both ...