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Cupid's middleman a comedietta in one act
1900, monographic. (xxu) 1900
The bug and the buggy a musical farce
1914, monographic. (xxu) 1914
My country's calling me
United Song Writers Ass'n, (ilu) 1918
I'll tip my hat to the clothes you wear
United Song Writers Association, (ilu) 1918
America the land of sunshine
Bernard, Scheib & Eldridge, (nyu) 1919
Registration day in the U.S.A
Geo. W. Thomas & Co., (lau) 1917
Good bye, Sal patriotic march song
United Song Writers Assocation, (ilu) 1917
Now they call it Yankee-land
Chas. W. Hatch Music Pub. Co., (cau) 1918
There'll never be a stain on Old Glory
Zoeller Music Co., (kyu) [1917]
Keep the home together mother (that's all we're fighting for)
W.C. Keene's Music Publishing Co., (Baltimore, Md. :) [1918]
Yankee girl
Hoosier Publishing Co., (inu) 1918
Seven boarders
Hebrew Publishing Company (New York, New York) 1917