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Robin Holloway
Robin Greville Holloway (born 19 October 1943) is an English composer, academic and writer.
Ernest Walker
Ernest Walker (15 July 1870 – 21 February 1949) was an Indian-born English composer, pianist, organist, teacher and writer on music.
Ferdinand Hiller
Ferdinand (von) Hiller (24 October 1811 – 11 May 1885) was a German composer, conductor, writer and music-director.
Marc Delmas
Marc Marie Jean Baptiste Delmas (28 March 1885 – 30 November 1931) was a French Expressionist composer and writer.
Isabel Aretz
Isabel Aretz (14 April 1909 – 2 June 2005) was an Argentine–Venezuelan researcher, writer, ethnomusicologist and composer.
Betsy Jolas
Betsy Jolas (born 5 August 1926) is a Franco-American composer. Her parents are the American writer Eugene Jolas and the translator Maria McDonald.
Pierce Reade
Duke Pierce Reade is an historian, futurist, writer and researcher in Chicago. An independent scholar of Anglo-Saxon history, Duke is also an avid Shakespeare reader and lifelong student of classical music.
Johann Friedrich Reichardt
Johann Friedrich Reichardt (25 November 1752 – 27 June 1814) was a German composer, writer and music critic.
Otto Winter-Hjelm
Otto Winter-Hjelm (8 October 1837 – 3 May 1931) was a Norwegian musician, conductor, writer, composer and music critic.
Lily Strickland
Lily Strickland (28 January 1884 – 6 June 1958) was an American composer, painter and writer.
Roger Sessions
Roger Huntington Sessions (December 28, 1896 – March 16, 1985) was an American composer, teacher, and writer on music.
Peter Cornelius
Carl August Peter Cornelius (24 December 1824 – 26 October 1874) was a German composer, writer about music, poet and translator.
Joachim Neander
Joachim Neander (Neumann) (1650 – 31 May 1680) was a German Reformed (Calvinist) Church teacher, theologian and hymn writer whose most famous hymn, Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation (German: Lobe den Herren...
Girolamo Parabosco
Girolamo Parabosco (c. 1524 – April 21, 1557) was an Italian writer, composer, organist, and poet of the Renaissance. He was born in Piacenza, the son of a famous organist, Vincenzo Parabosco. Little is known of his childhood, ...
Benedetto Marcello
Benedetto Giacomo Marcello (Italian: [beneˈdetto marˈtʃɛllo]; 24 June or 24 July 1686 – 24 July 1739) was an Italian composer, writer, advocate, magistrate, and teacher.
Roberto Gerhard
Robert Gerhard i Ottenwaelder (Catalan pronunciation: [ruˈβɛrd ʒəˈɾart]; 25 September 1896 – 5 January 1970) was a Catalan composer and musical scholar and writer, generally known outside Catalonia as Roberto Gerhard.
Frederick Bridge
Sir John Frederick Bridge CVO (5 December 1844 – 18 March 1924) was an English organist, composer, teacher and writer. From a musical family, Bridge became a church organist before he was 20, and he achieved his ambition to bec...
Luis de Milán
Luis de Milán (also known as Lluís del Milà or Luys Milán) (c. 1500 – c. 1561) was a Spanish Renaissance composer, vihuelist, and writer on music. He was the first composer in history to publish music for the vihuela ...
Henri-Montan Berton
Henri-Montan Berton (17 September 1767 – 22 April 1844) was a French composer, teacher, and writer, mostly known as a composer of operas for the Opéra-Comique.
Arthur Somervell
Sir Arthur Somervell (5 June 1863 – 2 May 1937) was an English composer, and after Hubert Parry one of the most successful and influential writers of art song in the English music renaissance of the 1890s-1900s.