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Arthur Somervell
Sir Arthur Somervell (5 June 1863 – 2 May 1937) was an English composer, and after Hubert Parry one of the most successful and influential writers of art song in the English music renaissance of the 1890s-1900s.
Wenzel Pichl
Václav Pichl (25 September 1741 – 23 January 1805; known in German as Wenzel Pichl) was a classical Czech composer of the 18th Century. He was also a violinist, music director and writer. Pichl was born at Bechyně, Bohemia. His...
Aaron Copland
Aaron Copland was an American composer, composition teacher, writer, and later in his career a conductor of his own and other American music.
Jody Diamond
Jody Diamond (born Pasadena, California, April 23, 1953) is an American composer, performer, writer, publisher, editor, and educator. She specializes in traditional and new music for Indonesian gamelan and is active internation...
Bernard van Dieren
Bernard Hélène Joseph van Dieren (27 December 1887 – 24 April 1936) was a Dutch composer, critic, author, and writer on music, much of whose working life was spent in England.
Nigel Jarrett
Nigel Jarrett is a British critic, novelist, poet, essayist, and writer of short stories. He reviews regularly in the UK for the Wales Arts Review, Acumen poetry magazine, and Jazz Journal. For many years he was music critic of...
Paul Hofhaimer
Paul Hofhaimer (January 25, 1459 – 1537) was an Austrian organist and composer. He was particularly gifted at improvisation, and was regarded as the finest organist of his age by many writers, including Vadian and Paracelsus; i...
Lahri Bond
Lahri Bond is a Designer, Illustrator, Writer and Teacher, living and working in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. He illustrates and designs magazines, posters, books and CD covers. For 20 years, he was the Art Dire...
Andi Spicer
Andrew John Preston "Andi" Spicer (born 1959 in Birmingham, UK), is a British electroacoustic classical music composer who uses electronics (see Electronic Music) in his compositions. The composer is also a writer and journalis...
Sergio Bernal
Music performer: piano, chamber music, lied. Teacher: piano, chamber music. Writer/researcher: music, piano, education, etnomusicology.
Peter Reynolds
Peter Reynolds (January 12, 1958 – October 11, 2016) was a Welsh composer known for founding PM Music Ensemble. In addition, he was recognised by Guinness World Records as having written with writer Simon Rees the shortest oper...
Ernst Gottlieb Baron
Ernst Gottlieb Baron or Ernst Theofil Baron (17 February 1696 – 12 April 1760), was a German lutenist, composer and writer on music. Baron was born in Breslau into the family of Michael Baron, a maker of gold lace who ...
Elizabeth Poston
Elizabeth Poston (24 October 1905 – 18 March 1987) was an English composer, pianist, and writer. Poston was born in Highfield House in Pin Green, which is now the site of Hampson Park in Stevenage. In 1914, she moved with ...
Nicolas Nabokov
Nicolas Nabokov (Николай Дмитриевич Набоков; 17 April [O.S. 4 April] 1903 – 6 April 1978) was a Russian-born composer, writer, and cultural figure. He became a U.S. citizen in 1939.
Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (Polish: Mikołaj Konstanty Czurlanis; 22 September [O.S. 10 September] 1875 – 10 April [O.S. 28 March] 1911) was a Lithuanian painter, composer and writer. Čiurlionis contributed to symbolism a...
Paulus Melissus
Paulus Melissus (also: Paul Melissus, Paul Schede, or Paulus Schedius Melissus; 20 December 1539 – 3 February 1602) was a humanist Neo-Latin writer, translator and composer.
Jake Heggie
Jake Heggie (born March 31, 1961) is an American composer of opera, vocal, orchestral, and chamber music. He is best known for his operas and songs as well as for his collaborations with internationally renowned performers and ...
Wilhelm Taubert
Carl Gottfried Wilhelm Taubert (Berlin, 23 March 1811 – Berlin, 7 January 1891) was a German pianist, composer, and conductor, father of philologist and writer Emil Taubert.
Gottfried Weber
Jacob Gottfried Weber (March 1, 1779 – September 21, 1839), was a prominent German writer on music (especially on music theory), composer, and jurist. Weber was born at Freinsheim. From 1824 to 1839 he was the editor of Cäcilia...
Charles Koechlin
Charles Louis Eugène Koechlin (French: [ʃaʁl lwi øʒɛn keklɛ̃]; 27 November 1867 – 31 December 1950) was a French composer, teacher and writer on music. He was a political radical all his life and a passionate enthusiast for such...