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La selma
Martin and Beals (mau) 1847
Good bye France hello miss liberty
The Rodeheaver Co., (ilu) 1919
We'll be waiting when you come back home
The Rodeheaver Co., (Chicago :) 1918
United we stand
Delmar Music Co., (ilu) 1919
Venus polka quadrille
Brophy Bros. (xxu) 1883
Departed hopes
Saalfield, R. A. (xxu) 1885
Brother of mine (to her soldier brother)
J. A. Parks Company, (nbu) 1918
Stolen kisses are the sweetest
Root & Sons Music Co. (ilu) 1878
La Jolie parfumeuse
Harding, E. H. (nyu) 1875
" Madame Favart" lancers
Harding, E. H. (nyu) 1881
La Belle Hľn̈e waltz
Ditson & Co., Oliver (mau) 1881
La Fille du tambour major
1880, monographic. (xxu) 1880
La Princesse de Trebizonde
Hitchcock, Benj. W. (nyu) 1874
Offenbachiana, no. 2
Fischer, Carl (xxu) 1884
The Princess of Trebizonde
Gordon & Son, S. T. (nyu) 1874
La Jolie parfumeuse
White, Smith & Co. (mau) 1878
Story of a waltz
Pond, Wm. A. (xxu) 1884
Barcarolle; The Moon
Balmer & Weber (mou) 1882
La Jolie parfumeuse
Ross & Co., J. H. (nyu) 1875