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La selma
Martin and Beals (mau) 1847
Good bye France hello miss liberty
The Rodeheaver Co., (ilu) 1919
We'll be waiting when you come back home
The Rodeheaver Co., (Chicago :) 1918
United we stand
Delmar Music Co., (ilu) 1919
Venus polka quadrille
Brophy Bros. (xxu) 1883
Departed hopes
Saalfield, R. A. (xxu) 1885
Brother of mine (to her soldier brother)
J. A. Parks Company, (nbu) 1918
Pop, goes the question!
Lee and Walker (pau) 1855
Indiana, with variations, op. 573
Lee and Walker (pau) 1855
The song of the farmer
Winner and Shuster (pau) 1854
The glance of love
Horace Waters (nyu) 1856
Our star of gold
Fighters of the U.S.A
With liberty bonds