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Tylman Susato
... Thomson reviews the sheet music to "Susato Dance Suite," by Tylman Susato, arranged for concert band by David Marlatt. ...
... Kevin Henry's transcription for four trombones of Tylman Susato's "Suite from the Danserye" is reviewed (Wehr's Music House, 2006). ...
... A recording of vocal music by various composers including Tylman Susato, performed by the Egidius ...
... Thomson reviews Knightly Procession by Tielman Susato, arranged by Jack Wilds. ...
Six Susato Dances
Chester Music
... Thomson reviews Renaissance Dance Fever by Tielman Susato and Claude Gervaise, and arranged by Kenneth Singleton. ...
... A book edited by Polk that profiles Susato and provides an overview of his work is reviewed (Pendragon Press, 2005). ...
Renaissance piece
Renaissance dance from 1551
Baroque Battle
Baroque instrumental piece
Calum and the Princess Jig
Baroque instrumental piece
Ronde and Salterelle
Classical quartet from 1551
Renaissance vocal + choral piece