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Train Eclair, op. 40
G. Schirmer (New York) [n.d.]
At the sound of the signal bell
T. B. Harms & Co. (New York) 1898
The Battle of Manassas
Root & Cady (Chicago) 1866
Blind Tom et al.
Get on de golden train
F. S. Chandler & Co. (Chicago) 1881
Exercises for training the voice
Ditson & Co., Oliver (mau) 1877
Technical training
Rose & Mitchell (ctu) 1872
The dinner bell on a Pacific train, op. 229
Detroit Music Co. (Detroit) 1884
What next a character sketch in one act
1898, monographic. (xxu) 1898
The Boston down owl train
Ditson & Co., C. H (nyu) 1881
Start dat gospel train
Williams & Sons (xxu) 1883
The gospel train
John Church & Co. (ohu) 1881
" On the train" galop
Ditson, Oliver (mau) 1875
The Seven-twenty train
Shaw, W. F. (xxu) 1883
Boute en train; Galop
Ellis, John F. & Co. (xxu) 1885
The Gravel train
Harms, T. B. (xxu) 1884