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Andrei Pogorilowski
musical time theory
Albert Lavignac
Alexandre Jean Albert Lavignac (21 January 1846 – 28 May 1916) was a French music scholar, known for his essays on theory, and a minor composer.
Molly Murdock
Graduate teaching assistant & PhD candidate in music theory Eastman School of Music - University of Rochester - Creator Susan B. Anthony House & Museum - Volunteer Tour Guide
L. B. Meyer
Leonard B. Meyer (January 12, 1918 – December 30, 2007) was a composer, author, and philosopher. He contributed major works in the fields of aesthetic theory in music, and compositional analysis.
T. W. Adorno
Theodor W. Adorno (/əˈdɔːrnoʊ/; German: [aˈdɔʀno]; born Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund; September 11, 1903 – August 6, 1969) was a German philosopher, sociologist, and composer known for his critical theory of society. He was a lea...
Johannes Kretz
Johannes Kretz (born 8 May 1968 in Vienna) is an Austrian composer and teacher for computer music and music theory. He lives and works in Vienna and created various compositions in the fields of new music, among those: music th...
Krzysztof Meyer
Krzysztof Meyer (born 11 August 1943) is a Polish composer, pianist and music scholar, formerly Dean of the Department of Music Theory (1972–1975) at the State College of Music (now Academy of Music in Kraków), and president of...
James Barnes
James Charles Barnes (born September 9, 1949 in Hobart, Oklahoma, U.S.) is an American composer.Barnes studied composition and music theory at the University of Kansas, earning a Bachelor of Music in 1974, and Master of Music i...
Tony Aubin
Tony Louis Alexandre Aubin (8 December 1907 in Paris – 21 September 1981 in Paris) was a French composer. From 1925 to 1930 Aubin studied at the Paris Conservatory under Samuel Rousseau (music theory), Noel Gallon (counterpoint...
Leopold Godowsky
Leopold Godowsky (13 February 1870 – 21 November 1938) was a Polish-American virtuoso pianist, composer, and teacher. He was one of the most highly regarded performers of his time – known for his theories concerning the applica...
Gottfried Weber
Jacob Gottfried Weber (March 1, 1779 – September 21, 1839), was a prominent German writer on music (especially on music theory), composer, and jurist. Weber was born at Freinsheim. From 1824 to 1839 he was the editor of Cäcilia...
Easley Blackwood Jr.
Easley Blackwood (born April 21, 1933) is an American professor of music, a concert pianist, a composer of music, some using unusual tunings, and the author of books on music theory, including his research into the properties o...
Bruno Maia
Bruno Maia began music studies at the age of 10, in 1982 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.learning Music Theory with tutor Lisieaux, a lyrical soprano singer. He started playing bass guitar in Jazz style, and years later the double ba...
John Ferri
UNCSA Music Faculty — Dr. Ferri’s approach to theory and analysis is informed by his experience as a performer. He has given several papers exploring the intersection of analysis with performance in the music of Bach, Chopin, D...
Louis-Albert Bourgault-Ducoudray
Louis-Albert Bourgault-Ducoudray (2 February 1840 – 4 July 1910) was a French Breton composer, pianist, and professor of music history/theory at the Conservatoire de Paris as well as a Prix de Rome laureate. He was born at Nant...
Tôru Takemitsu
Tōru Takemitsu (武満 徹, Takemitsu Tōru, October 8, 1930 – February 20, 1996) (pronounced [takeꜜmitsɯ̥ toːɾɯ]) was a Japanese composer and writer on aesthetics and music theory. Largely self-taught, Takemitsu possessed consummate s...
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Romantic opera from 1867

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (German: [diː ˈmaɪ̯stɐˌzɪŋɐ fɔn ˈnʏʁnbɛʁk]; "The Master-Singers of Nuremberg") is a music drama (or opera) in three acts, written and composed by Richard Wagner. It is among the longest operas commonly performed, usually taking around four ...

... Essentials of Music Theory 2.0, a software program for teaching music theory, is reviewed (Alfred). ...
... Offers advice for music teachers on how to introduce music theory to music students. Discusses ... the development of a curriculum which integrates music theory, choosing the appropriate textbook level ... for students and on combining theory and performance. Considers books and computer software that ...
... Examines the notion of affect theory, an expression theory of musical figures of speech. Discusses ... the historical development of affect theory from the impression theory of antiquity to expression ... theory in the 18th century. Includes musical notation for various figures as well as a recitative ...