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Sonata No. 31
Classical sonata from 1822
Partita No. 1
Baroque partita from 1720
Symphony No. 3
Romantic symphony from 1883
... Discusses the various releases by the record label Easy Tempo, including Piero Picconi's "Camille ... 2000." Remarks a relatively new enterprise, Right Tempo, with Easy Tempo as a sub-label, has been ... "Easy Tempo" compilations. Remarks on the following volumes: "Easy Tempo, Vol. 3: Further Cinematic ...
Sonata No. 26
Classical sonata from 1810
Sonata No. 13
Classical sonata from 1801
EQ (2010) Vol. 21, No. 5, pp. 54
... Apple's Logic 9, which allows the user to match a loop's tempo to the project tempo, either by ... changing the tempo to match that of the loop or changing the loop tempo to match that of the project, is reviewed. ...