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Die Zauberflöte
Classical opera from 1791

The Magic Flute (German: Die Zauberflöte), K. 620, is an opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to a German libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder. The work is in the form of a Singspiel, a popular form that included both ...

Nicola Porpora
Nicola (Antonio) Porpora (or Niccolò Porpora) (17 August 1686 – 3 March 1768) was a Neapolitan composer of Baroque operas (see opera seria) and teacher of singing, whose most famous singing student was the castrato Farinelli. O...
Beth Coleman
Beth Coleman (also known as M. Singe, DJ M. Singe, and DJ Singe) is an American female electronic music composer and academic in the field of new media studies. Her work has been featured in a variety of venues such ...
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing
Romantic christmas from 1840
Nicola Vaccai
Nicola Vaccai (15 March 1790 – 5 or 6 August 1848) was an Italian composer, particularly of operas, and a singing teacher.
Nancy Bos
Nancy Bos, author, presenter, singer, and independent voice teacher in the Seattle area, has served as adjunct faculty at Cornish College and Seattle Pacific University, and is affiliated with Bellevue College. She is an intern...
Ileana Cotrubas
Ileana Cotrubaș is a Romanian opera soprano whose career spanned from the 1960s to the 1980s. She was much admired for her acting skills and facility for singing opera in many different languages.
Michael William Balfe
Michael William Balfe (15 May 1808 – 20 October 1870) was an Irish composer, best-remembered for his opera The Bohemian Girl. After a short career as a violinist, Balfe pursued an operatic singing career, while he began to comp...
Bruno Coulais
Bruno Coulais (born 13 January 1954) is a French composer, most widely known for his music on film soundtracks. He is also being declared the Danny Elfman of France due to his scores have a chorus singing light in his ...
Agathe Backer-Grøndahl
Agathe Ursula Backer Grøndahl (1 December 1847 – 4 June 1907) was a Norwegian pianist and composer. She married the conductor and singing teacher Olaus Andreas Grøndahl in 1875, and was generally known thereafter as Agathe Back...
Michel Lambert
Michel Lambert (1610 – 29 June 1696) was a French singing master, theorbist and composer. Lambert was born at Champigny-sur-Veude, France. He received his musical education as an altar boy at the Chapel of Gaston d'Orléans. He ...
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Mary Chapin Carpenter (born February 21, 1958) is an American singer-songwriter. Carpenter spent several years singing in Washington, D.C. clubs before signing in the late 1980s with Columbia Records, who marketed her as a coun...
Xian Xinghai
Xian Xinghai or Sinn Sing Hoi (13 June 1905 – 30 October 1945) (Chinese: 冼星海; pinyin: Xiǎn Xīnghăi; Wade–Giles: Hsien Hsing-hai) was one of the earliest generation of Chinese composers influenced by western classical music and ...
The Fairy Queen
Baroque opera from 1692
... The third in a series of excerpts from Julius Stockhausen's "A Method of Singing" is presented. It addresses topics including solfa singing and portamento. ...
I Sing of a Maiden
20th century song from 1936
Singing Here and Now
The Hymn (2015) Vol. 66, No. 4, pp. 31-32