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Heinrich Schütz
Heinrich Schütz (German: [ʃʏt͡s]; 18 October [O.S. 8 October] 1585 – 6 November 1672) was a German composer and organist, generally regarded as the most important German composer before Johann Sebastian Bach and often considered...
Michael Schutz
Paul J. Schutz
M. Schutz
Klaus Schutz
Heinrich Schutz
Drummer Buddy Schutz Remembers
IAJRC Journal (2006) Vol. 39, No. 3, pp. 11-13
... Jazz and big-band drummer Buddy Schutz is profiled. Schutz learned to play through a combination ... like Chick Webb. Over the years, Schutz has performed with such bands as the Charlie Barnet Band ... , Benny Goodman's band, and the Vince Lopez Orchestra. After retiring in 1980, Schutz began performing ...
Obituaries: Buddy Schutz
Cadence (2007) Vol. 33, No. 5, pp. 141
... Drummer Buddy Schutz died February 24, 2007, at age 92. ...
... A recording of music by Schutz, performed by Dresden Chamber Choir and Barockorchester, is reviewed. ...
... Heinrich Schutz is commemorated in two museums, both inaugurated in 1985 to mark the four ... hundredth anniversary of his birth. They include his birthplace, a former inn now known as Heinrich-Schutz ...
... A five-disc recording of sacred choral music by Heinrich Schutz performed by Cappella Augustana ...
Volker Schütz
Michael Schütz