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Rock, cradle rock tick-a-tack goes the clock
1883, monographic. (xxu) 1883
From rock to rock
Boosey & Co. (London) [n.d.]
Our boys of Uncle Sam
MIBROCK, (nyu) 1918
Our boys of Uncle Sams
monographic. (xx)
Rock-a-bye baby up on the tree top
White, Smith & Co. (Boston) 1887
Rock a bye baby blues
Manhattan Music Pub. House (New York) 1920
Rock city guards
Balmer & Weber (xxu) 1879
Deep rock spring galop
Ditson & Co., C. H. (nyu) 1871
Rock me to sleep Mother
Rock island waltz
Balmer and Weber (mou) 1851
" Grey rock" schottisch
Winner & son, Sep. (pau) 1872
The Rock beside the sea
Lee & Walker (pau) 1870
Rock of ages; Transcription
Ditson, C. H. (nyu) 1882