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Martha potpourri
Balmer & Weber (mou) 1872
Triumph of time march
Harry Coleman (Philadelphia) 1893
Union Army grand march
Henry Tolman & Co. (Boston) 1862
Poet and peasant waltz
Balmer & Weber (mou) 1872
Brave McClellan march
Horace Waters (New York) 1862
The Union victory march
John B. Hall (Cleveland) 1866
Nobody hurt
A. E. Blackmar (New Orleans) 1866
The Union bell march
The Author (Philadelphia) 1866
American banner march
Balmer & Weber (Saint Louis) 1861
Marching along and glory hallelujah, march
Horace Waters (New York) 1862
Fantaisie barcarolle
Brainard's Sons, S. (ohu) 1875
When I learn'd to sing & play
P. K. Weizel (nyu) 1854
Molt's progressive lessons
Firth, Pond, and Co. (nyu) 1850
Fitzhugh Lee's march
White & Smith Music Pub. Co. (Boston) 1898
Fantasia de Normandy
Brainard's Sons, S. (ohu) 1875
Brainard's Sons, S. (ohu) 1874
Sweet remembrance
White & Smith Music Pub. Co. (Boston) 1880
The Soldier's homeward march
S. T. Gordon (New York) 1865
The Little drummer boy's march
Root & Cady (Chicago) 1864