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O most merciful God
Peters, J. L. (nyu) 1877
Patriotic songs of America
Chas. F. Hanson & Co., (mau) 1919
If we say that we have no sin
Peters, J. L. (nyu) 1877
Te Deum laudamus
W. A. Newland (pau) 1848
The 13th psalm
Reinking, Ernst (nyu) 1873
Ave Maria; Offertorium
Rohlfing & Co., W. N. (wiu) 1882
Deus misereatur
White & Goullaud (mau) 1873
Jesus, saviour of my soul
Gordon, S. T. (nyu) 1876
Ho! Reapers of life's harvest
Ditson & Co., Oliver (mau) 1881
Come unto me
Newhall & Co., Geo. D. (ohu) 1879
Holy Father, great Creator
Pond, Wm. A. (nyu) 1875