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The Practical organist, part 1
North, F. A. (pau) 1878
Organist, The; A Vocal improvisation
Russell Bros. (xxu) 1883
Church & home organist's companion
Williams, Fred. (pau) 1881
The Practical organist
North, F. A. (pau) 1878
Organist's reliance
Ditson, Oliver (mau) 1876
The Practical organist, part 2
North, F. A. (pau) 1878
Practical organist, The, part VII
North & Co., F. A. (pau) 1878
Our motherland song of America
Frances Nevin, (mau) 1917
Practical organist, The, part VI
Philadelphia, 1878, monographic. (pau) 1878
The Organist's reliance
Ditson & Co., Oliver (mau) 1876
Newland / Zeuner collection
Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.) 2005