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Ercole Bernabei
Ercole Bernabei (1622 – 5 December 1687) was an Italian composer and organist. Bernabei was born in Caprarola, and became a pupil of Orazio Benevoli in Rome. From 1653 he served as organist at San Luigi dei Francesi as successo...
André Raison
André Raison (c. 1640 – 1719) was a French Baroque composer and organist. During his lifetime he was one of the most famous French organists and an important influence on French organ music. He published two collections of orga...
Girolamo Parabosco
Girolamo Parabosco (c. 1524 – April 21, 1557) was an Italian writer, composer, organist, and poet of the Renaissance. He was born in Piacenza, the son of a famous organist, Vincenzo Parabosco. Little is known of his childhood, ...
Louis Marchand
Louis Marchand (2 February 1669 – 17 February 1732) was a French Baroque organist, harpsichordist, and composer. Born into an organist's family, Marchand was a child prodigy and quickly established himself as one of the best kn...
Frederick Bridge
Sir John Frederick Bridge CVO (5 December 1844 – 18 March 1924) was an English organist, composer, teacher and writer. From a musical family, Bridge became a church organist before he was 20, and he achieved his ambition to bec...
Cornelis Schuyt
Cornelis Floriszoon Schuyt (1557 – 9 June 1616) was a Dutch organist and Renaissance composer. Cornelis Floriszoon Schuyt was born in Leiden in 1557. He was the son of Floris Corneliszoon Schuyt (1529/30–1601), the organist of ...
Samuel A. Ward
Samuel Augustus Ward (Dec. 28, 1847 – Sept. 28, 1903) was an American organist and composer. Born in Newark, New Jersey, he studied music in New York and became an organist at Grace Episcopal Church in his home town in ...
Paul Hofhaimer
Paul Hofhaimer (January 25, 1459 – 1537) was an Austrian organist and composer. He was particularly gifted at improvisation, and was regarded as the finest organist of his age by many writers, including Vadian and Paracelsus; i...
Thomas Weelkes
Thomas Weelkes (baptised 25 October 1576 – 30 November 1623) was an English composer and organist. He became organist of Winchester College in 1598, moving to Chichester Cathedral. His works are chiefly vocal, and include madri...
Giovanni Paolo Colonna
Giovanni Paolo Colonna (16 June 1637 – 28 November 1695) was an Italian composer, teacher, organist and organ builder. In addition to being chapel-master and organist of San Petronio Basilica in Bologna, he served prominent mem...
Edwin H. Lemare
Edwin Henry Lemare (9 September 1865 – 24 September 1934) was an English organist and composer who lived the latter part of his life in the United States. He was the most highly regarded and highly paid organist of his ...
Otto Dienel
German composer and organist.
Sir John Goss
Sir John Goss (27 December 1800 – 10 May 1880) was an English organist, composer and teacher. Born to a musical family, Goss was a boy chorister of the Chapel Royal, London, and later a pupil of Thomas Attwood, organist ...
Patty Stair
Patty Stair (November 12, 1869 – April 26, 1926) was an American organist and composer.
Johann Caspar Kerll
Johann Caspar Kerll (9 April 1627 – 13 February 1693) was a German baroque composer and organist. He is also known as Kerl, Gherl, Giovanni Gasparo Cherll and Gaspard Kerle. Born in Adorf the son of an organist, Kerll showed ...
Patrick Hawes
Patrick Hawes (born 1958) is a British composer, conductor, organist and pianist.
Basil Harwood
Basil Harwood (11 April 1859 – 3 April 1949) was an English organist and composer.
Josef Rheinberger
Josef Gabriel Rheinberger (17 March 1839, in Vaduz – 25 November 1901, in Munich) was an organist and composer, born in Liechtenstein and resident for most of his life in Germany.
Daniel Roth
Daniel François Roth (born October 31, 1942 in Mulhouse), is a French organist, composer, and pedagogue.
Maurice Greene
Maurice Greene (12 August 1696 – 1 December 1755) was an English composer and organist.