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Verdi's Operas in Video
Created by André Avorio on 11 Feb 2017

A selection of Verdi's operas in video.

Created by Evelyn Palmer on 24 Sep 2019

songs from operas

Created by André Avorio on 13 Feb 2017
Created by OML on 17 Feb 2017

A fantastic selection of operas staged by some of the greatest houses

Created by Charles Thomas on 09 Mar 2017
Created by OML on 17 Feb 2017
Created by Referencia Biblioteca on 12 Feb 2019
Created by Anna Schmidt on 25 Feb 2019
The Bartered Bride
Created by Amy Shaw on 10 Sep 2019

On September 25, 1870, Czech composer Bedřich Smetana premiered his fourth and final version of The Bartered Bride (Prodaná Nevěsta) in Prague at the Provisional Theatre. This lighthearted comic opera in three acts was the second of Smetana's eight completed ...

Black or Negro opera
Created by Phyllis Lewis-Hale on 24 Jan 2020
Law and Opera
Created by Amy Shaw on 06 Aug 2019
The Phantom of the Opera World Premiere
Created by Kimberly Carpenter on 12 Jul 2019

The Phantom of the Opera had its world premiere on October 9, 1986 at Her Majesty's Theatre in London. It is currently Broadways longest-running show.

Happy Birthday to Alberto Franchetti!
Created by Jaclyn Rosansky on 08 Aug 2019

Happy birthday to Italian opera composer, Alberto Franchetti! Franchetti, who was born on Sep. 18 in 1860, is most famous for his operas, Cristoforo Colombo, composed in 1892 and Germania, composed in 1902. Here are two songs from Germania.

Richard Wagner - 'Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg' (highlights)
Created by David Vaughn on 19 Mar 2019

This list discusses the opera 'Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg' by German composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883) and showcases one of the many historical recordings in the OML catalog. First conceived by Wagner some 20 years prior, the opera was premiered in ...

Giacomo Puccini's American Opera: La Fanciulla del West
Created by Amy Shaw on 16 Sep 2019

Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini's (1858-1924) La Fanciulla Del West (The Girl of the Golden West) is known by some as the world's first spaghetti western. Based on a play by David Belasco, La Fanciulla del West was first performed ...

Celebrating The Metropolitan Opera House
Created by Jaclyn Rosansky on 29 Jul 2019

On Sep 16, 1966, The new Metropolitan Opera House (The Met) opened at Lincoln Square in NYC, replacing the original 1883 Metropolitan Opera House located at Broadway and 39th St. The Met is home to a wide array of talent ...

"Béatrice et Bénédict" premieres on August 9, 1862
Created by Jaclyn Rosansky on 24 Jul 2019

French composer Hector Berlioz conducted his opera "Béatrice et Bénédict" for its premiere at the Theater Baden-Baden on this day in 1862. It was based on the Shakespearen comedy “Much Ado About Nothing” and includes two acts. This opera is ...

Created by Axel Peter von Bertoldi on 14 May 2018
Created by Kimberly Carpenter on 23 Aug 2019

The opera by Pietro Mascagni

La boheme
Created by Danielle Relyea on 14 Feb 2019

Favorite items from Puccini's opera.