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Musicology Today
Musicology Journal of the National University of Music Bucharest.
Radical Musicology
Critical Musicology
A Transdisciplinary Online Journal
Critical Musicology, hosted by the School of Music at the University of Leeds, is a fully refereed critical musicology journal appearing exclusively on the Internet. Its purpose is to provide a library of texts which address the wide number of ...
United Kingdom
Danish Yearbook of Musicology
Danish Yearbook of Musicology is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal related to musical research in the widest sense. Each issue presents articles, book reviews, reports on research projects and conferences as well as a bibliography on literature related to Danish music ...
British Postgraduate Musicology
British Postgraduate Musicology is an independent peer-reviewed musicological journal run by postgraduates for postgraduates. Under its title it aims to display the quality and diversity of scholarly studies produced primarily (but not exclusively) by postgraduate or recent postdoctoral students of ...
Current Musicology
Current Musicology is a leading journal for scholarly research on music. We publish articles and book reviews in the fields of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, and philosophy of music. The journal was founded in 1965 by graduate students at ...
United States of America
Journal of the American Musicological Society
One of the premier journals in musicology, Journal of the American Musicological Society publishes scholarship from a broad array of musical inquiry: from historical musicology, critical theory, music analysis, iconography and organology, to pedagogy, performance practice, aesthetics and hermeneutics, ethnomusicology, ...
United States of America
Musicology Australia
Musicology Australia is the scholarly journal of the Musicological Society of Australia. Since its inception in 1963, the journal has published articles on all aspects of music research, including ethnomusicology and musicology, which marks it out from most other music ...
Computing in Musicology
An International Directory of Applications
Israel Studies in Musicology Online
Musicological Annual
The Musicological Annual is the first international, scientific, musicological journal in Slovenia that has been published continuously since 1965. From the very beginning it has been issued by the Department of Musicology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. ...
Studia Musicologica Norvegica
Norwegian Journal of Musicology
Norwegian Journal of Musicology is a peer-reviewed journal and the primary forum for the publication of musicological research in Norway. Submissions employing historical, analytical, anthropological and sociological approaches are welcomed, as are those discussing broader historiographical and aesthetic issues. The ...
Empirical Musicology Review
Empirical Musicology Review (EMR) aims to provide an international forum promoting the understanding of music in all of its facets. In particular, EMR aims to facilitate communication and debate between scholars engaged in systematic and observation-based music scholarship. Debate is ...
United Kingdom
The Journal of Musicology
For over thirty years, the widely-respected Journal of Musicology—one of few comprehensive peer-reviewed journals in the discipline—has offered articles in every period, field, and methodology of musicological scholarship. Its contributors range from senior scholars to new voices in the field. ...
United States of America
Swedish Journal of Musicology
STM is published by the Swedish Society of Musicology. The Society was founded in 1919 and STM has been issued annually without interruption ever since. It is thus one of the oldest continually appearing musicological journals in Europe. The Journal ...
South African Music Studies
The official organ of the Musicological Society of Southern Africa, South African Music Studies, previously, the South African Journal of Musicology (SAMUS) prioritises, but does not restrict itself to, the publication of research on music in South Africa. We welcome ...
Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland
The Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland (JSMI) exists to promote Irish musicological scholarship. Hence, one of its main goals is the presentation of musicological work related to Ireland. This notion encompasses, besides topics concerning Ireland and its ...
The Journal of Musicological Research
The Journal publishes original articles on all aspects of the discipline of music: historical musicology, style and repertory studies, music theory, ethnomusicology, music education, organology, and interdisciplinary studies. Because contemporary music scholarship addresses critical and analytical issues from a multiplicity ...
United States of America
Portuguese Journal of Musicology
The Portuguese Journal of Musicology (RPM new series) is a peer-reviewed academic journal open to all areas of music research. RPM is jointly published by the SPIM, Portuguese Society for Music Research, and two research centres based at the Faculty ...