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Late-romantic opera

Tosca (Italian pronunciation: [ˈtoska; ˈtɔska]) is an opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini to an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. It premiered at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome on 14 January 1900. The work, based on ...

Dieter Lehnhoff
Dieter Lehnhoff Temme (born 27 May 1955) is a German-Guatemalan composer, conductor, and musicologist.
Dragotin Cvetko (19 September 1911 – 2 September 1993) was a Slovenian composer and musicologist.
George Alexander Macfarren
Sir George Alexander Macfarren (2 March 1813 – 31 October 1887) was an English composer and musicologist.
François-Auguste Gevaert
François-Auguste Gevaert (31 July 1828 in Huysse, near Oudenaarde – 24 December 1908 in Brussels) was a Belgian musicologist and composer.
Aloys Fleischmann
Aloys Fleischmann (13 April 1910 – 21 July 1992) was an Irish composer, musicologist, professor, conductor.
Ildebrando Pizzetti
Ildebrando Pizzetti (20 September 1880 – 13 February 1968) was an Italian composer of classical music, musicologist and music critic.
Robert D. Levin
Robert D. Levin (born 13 October 1947) is a classical performer, musicologist and composer, and is the artistic director of the Sarasota Music Festival.
Helmut Braunlich
Helmut Braunlich (born 19 May 1929 in Brünn, Moravia; d. 24 May 2013) was a German-American violinist, composer, and musicologist.
François-Henri-Joseph Blaze, known as Castil-Blaze (1 December 1784 – 11 December 1857), was a French musicologist, music critic, composer, and music editor.
Miguel Bernal Jiménez
Miguel Bernal Jiménez (16 February 1910 – 26 July 1956) was a Mexican composer, organist, pedagogist and musicologist. He is widely regarded as the best representative of 20th century Mexican religious music, in addition to his...
Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley -Sir
Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley, 2nd Baronet (12 August 1825 – 6 April 1889) was an English composer, organist, musicologist and priest.
Justin S. Smith
John Stafford Smith (30 March 1750 – 21 September 1836) was a British composer, church organist, and early musicologist. He was one of the first serious collectors of manuscripts of works by Johann Sebastian Bach. Stafford Smit...
Józef Koffler
Józef Koffler (28 November 1896 – 1944) was a Polish composer, music teacher, musicologist and musical columnist. He was the first Polish composer living before the Second World War to apply the twelve-tone composition techniqu...
E. H. Meyer
Ernst Hermann Ludimar Meyer (8 December 1905 – 8 October 1988) was a German composer and musicologist. His works include numerous songs, as well as chamber music, two symphonies and other works for orchestra, an opera, and an o...
Soghomon Soghomonian, ordained and commonly known as Komitas, (Armenian: Կոմիտաս; 26 September 1869 – 22 October 1935) was an Armenian priest, musicologist, composer, arranger, singer, and choirmaster, who is considered the fou...
Eusebius Mandyczewski
Eusebius Mandyczewski (Ukrainian: Євсевій Мандичевський Ėvsevij Mandyčevśkyj, Romanian: Eusebie Mandicevschi; 18 August 1857, Molodiya – 13 August 1929, Vienna) was a Romanian musicologist, composer, conductor, and teacher. He ...
Egon Wellesz
Egon Joseph Wellesz (21 October 1885 – 9 November 1974) was an Austrian, later British composer, teacher and musicologist, notable particularly in the field of Byzantine music.
Dragan Plamenac
Dragan Plamenac (born Dragan Siebenschein; 8 February 1895 – 15 April 1983) was a Croatian Jewish composer and musicologist. Plamenac was born as Karl Siebenschein in Zagreb on 8 February 1895. His father, Robert Siebenschein, ...
John Palmer
John Palmer (1959) is a British composer, pianist and musicologist. John Palmer studied piano with Grazia Wendling and Eva Serman at the Lucerne School of Music (Musikhochschule Luzern), Switzerland, while attending courses in ...