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Giuseppe Martucci
Giuseppe Martucci (Italian pronunciation: [dʒuˈzɛppe marˈtuttʃi]; Capua, 6 January 1856 – Naples, 1 June 1909) was an Italian composer, conductor, pianist and teacher. As a composer and teacher he was influential in reviving It...
Xaver Scharwenka
Franz Xaver Scharwenka (6 January 1850 – 8 December 1924) was a German-Polish pianist, composer and teacher. He was the brother of (Ludwig) Philipp Scharwenka (1847–1917), who was also a composer and teacher of music.
Katie Down
Katie Down, (LCAT, MT-BC, MM) is a licensed creative arts therapist, teacher, composer, and performer. She has been working in the realm of music and healing for over 12 years as a clinician and meditation teacher, offering dee...
Giovanni Maria Nanino
Giovanni Maria Nanino (also Nanini; 1543 or 1544 – March 11, 1607) was an Italian composer and teacher of the late Renaissance. He was a member of the Roman School of composers, and was the most influential music teacher in ...
Holger Hardt
Rösrath, Germany. Music teacher, arranger, musician
Savina D'Andrea
I'm a music Teacher in a Italian school
Ernst Haberbier
Ernst Haberbier (5 October 1813 – 12 March 1869) was a German composer, pianist and music teacher.
Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi
Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi (小林 研一郎, Kobayashi Ken'ichirō, born 9 April 1940) is a Japanese conductor and composer. Born in Iwaki, Fukushima, Kobayashi's father was a high school music teacher, and mother was a primary school teacher....
Ernest Walker
Ernest Walker (15 July 1870 – 21 February 1949) was an Indian-born English composer, pianist, organist, teacher and writer on music.
Frederick Corder
Frederick Corder (26 January 1852 – 21 August 1932) was an English composer and music teacher.
Paolo Tosti
Francesco Paolo Tosti (April 9, 1846 – December 2, 1916) was an Italian, later British, composer and music teacher.
Joseph Haas
Joseph Haas (19 March 1879 – 30 March 1960) was a German late romantic composer and music teacher.
Bernard Zweers
Bernard Zweers (born Bernardus Josephus Wilhelmus Zweers) (18 May 1854 in Amsterdam – 9 December 1924 in Amsterdam) was a Dutch composer and music teacher.
Roger Sessions
Roger Huntington Sessions (December 28, 1896 – March 16, 1985) was an American composer, teacher, and writer on music.
Charles Bordes
Charles Bordes (12 May 1863 – 8 November 1909) was a French music teacher and composer.
Théodore Dubois
François-Clément Théodore Dubois (24 August 1837 – 11 June 1924) was a French composer, organist and music teacher.
Paul Vidal
Paul Antonin Vidal (16 June 1863 – 9 April 1931) was a French composer, conductor and music teacher mainly active in Paris.
William Alwyn
William Alwyn CBE, born William Alwyn Smith (7 November 1905 – 11 September 1985), was an English composer, conductor, and music teacher.
Sergio Bernal
Music performer: piano, chamber music, lied. Teacher: piano, chamber music. Writer/researcher: music, piano, education, etnomusicology.
Johannes Kretz
Johannes Kretz (born 8 May 1968 in Vienna) is an Austrian composer and teacher for computer music and music theory. He lives and works in Vienna and created various compositions in the fields of new music, among those: music th...