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Microscopic Examination of Play‐Worn Steel Music Strings
Created by Ferhat Bülbül on 22 Jul 2019

Journal: Friction and Wear Year: 2015, Volume: 3, Pages: 1-14, Publisher: Science and Engineering Publishing Company

Arcangelo Corelli (Fusignano, 17 Feb 1653)
Created by OML on 08 Feb 2017

"To Corelli belong equally the distinctions of being the first composer to derive his fame exclusively from instrumental composition, the first to owe his reputation in large part to the activity of music publishers, and the first to produce ‘classic’ ...

Created by OML on 17 Feb 2017

Works by Ottorino Respighi, performed by the Chamber Orchestra of New York - Salvatore Di Vittorio, music director. Selected works are critical editions by Salvatore Di Vittorio, published by Edizioni Panastudio, Palermo, Italy.

Carl Nielsen Symphony No. 4 'The Inextinguishable'
Created by David Vaughn on 14 Mar 2019

Check out this recording from our catalog of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra performing Danish composer Carl Nielsen's Symphony No. 4. Completed during the First World War, the subtitle comes from the motto in the foreword to the published score: 'Music is ...

Works of Kosma and Arlen -- Music for Autumn
Created by Jaclyn Rosansky on 02 Aug 2019

This list features the works, "Autumn Leaves," composed by Joseph Kosma, (1905-1969) in 1945 with the help of French poet Jacques Prévert, and "Over the Rainbow," composed by Harold Arlen, (1905-1986) in 1939. Joseph Kosma was a French composer with ...

Mozart Horn Concerto No. 1, K. 412
Created by David Vaughn on 18 Feb 2019

This list discusses the Horn Concerto No. 1, K. 412 by Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). Although it is commonly referred to as Mozart's first horn concerto, it is actually his last and was incomplete at the time of ...