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The Marseilles hymn
S. T. Gordon & Son (New York)
The Pickett guard
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1890
The capture of Island No. 10
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1862
Col. Hyatt's military polka
Lee & Walker (Philadelphia) 1864
Battery schottisch
John C. Schreiner & Son (Macon & Savannah) 1863
A Nation's orphans
Rich. J. Compton (Saint Louis) 1866
Grand Union march on the Potomac
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1861
St. Louis volunteers' quick step
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Saint Louis) 1861
Grand march
A. E. Blackmar (New Orleans) 1868
Squirrel hunters march
John Church Jr. (Cincinnati) 1863
The Burgesses quadrille
Koppitz, Prufer & Co. (Boston) 1869
Camp Wilkins polka
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston)
The Rebels' retreat or the double quick from Yorktown
Lee & Walker (Philadelphia) 1862
K.K.K., or Bloody moon waltz
Jas. A. McClure (Nashville) 1868
Hartford City Guard's quickstep
Henry Tolman & Co. (Boston) 1864
Satterlee Polka
G. Andre & Co. (Philadelphia) 1864
Magruder's march
George Willig (Baltimore) 1862
Independent greys waltz
George Willig (Baltimore) 1860