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Panis Angelicus
Romantic motet from 1872
Anton Bruckner
Anton Bruckner was an Austrian composer known for his symphonies, masses, and motets.
Heinrich Isaac
Heinrich Isaac (c. 1450 – 26 March 1517) was a Netherlandish Renaissance composer of south Netherlandish origin. He wrote masses, motets, songs (in French, German and Italian), and instrumental music. A significant contemporary...
Jean Maillard
Jean Maillard (c. 1515 – after 1570) was a French composer of the Renaissance. While little is known with certainty about his life, he may have been associated with the French royal court, since he wrote at least one motet ...
... A motet is a sacred choral piece, usually unaccompanied. The medieval motet represents the first ... great flowering of the Western innovation, polyphony. The term motet appears to derive from the ... French "mots" - words. If the medieval motet was hierarchical, the motet that emerged from it and ...
4 Motets
20th century motet from 1960
O Magnum Mysterium
Renaissance motet from 1572
Jesu meine Freude
Baroque motet from 1735
Spem in Alium
Renaissance motet from 1570
O Sacrum Convivium!
20th century motet from 1937
Ave Maria
Renaissance motet
Benedicamus Domino
20th century motet from 1918
... Huxley reviews a motet by MacMillan. ...