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n.p.], 1878, monographic. (xx) 1878
[1892?], monographic. (xx) [1892?]
Requiem von A. Hasse [In C major]
n.p, n.d.], monographic. (xx) n.d.]
Sketches for cello sonata
1948, monographic. (xx) 1948
Sketches for piano sonata
[194-], monographic. (xx) [194-]
Hand in hand
monographic. (xx)
Vanguard America
monographic. (xx)
The Nesza's answer
monographic. (xx)
The eagle's brood
monographic. (xx) ©1917.
Buckle on your belt, boys
monographic. (xx)
Down in the trenches
monographic. (xx)
Our homeland hymn
monographic. (xx) 1919
monographic. (xx)