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Romantic opera from 1894
E. M. S.
Edward Salim Michael (1921, Manchester, England – November 2006, Nice, France) was a composer of symphonic music, he is also the author of books on spirituality and meditation. It was to Buddhism that he felt closest, but as hi...
Katie Down
Katie Down, (LCAT, MT-BC, MM) is a licensed creative arts therapist, teacher, composer, and performer. She has been working in the realm of music and healing for over 12 years as a clinician and meditation teacher, offering dee...
... Detailed instructions for concocting an organ meditation are explained. A meditation should ... simply provide music that is pleasing to the ear, conducive to prayer, meditation, or contemplation. ...
21st century healing
Created by Fan Qiang on 22 Mar 2019
Meditation on Satie
21st century solo from 2001
... The effect of meditation on music performance anxiety is investigated. The experimental group ... received a series of eight meditation classes, and the control group received no meditation training ... . Performance anxiety decreased among participants in the meditation group, in contrast to participants ...
... The author, a cellist, recalls how she came to practice meditation in her 30s, and how it helped ... her with her performance. She describes a meditation-music workshop she created with her husband. ...
Prelude for Meditation
20th century instrumental piece
20th century instrumental piece
20th century instrumental piece
chamber piece from 0000