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Jules Cottin
Jules Cottin (1868–1922) was a mandolin virtuoso who played in Paris from the 1890s. A pupil of the guitarist Jacques Bosch, he became part of the mandolin revival, which revitalized the instrument after its long decline in the...
... mandolins, noting that many feel he reproduces the tone of the old models almost perfectly. Includes ... the materials Ron Cole uses to construct his mandolins. ...
... Profiles Dudenbostel Guitars and Mandolins, run exclusively by Lynn Dudenbostel, describing the ... various types of guitars and mandolins made by the luthier. Discusses Dudenbostel's opinions on wood ...
Late-romantic song from 1882
... In an interview, mandolin maker Bruce Weber of Weber Mandolins discusses how he got started ... building mandolins, whether he wanted to be a luthier as a child, where the name Sound To Earth came from ...
... mandolins, notes that many traditionalists offer harsh criticism of his instruments, and describes the Rigel mandolin's tone. ...
... Offers of luthier Lynn Dudenbostel and his company Dudenbostel Guitars and Mandolins, discussing ...
... mandolins, mandolas, octave mandolins, and guitars. Details how Smart got into the luthier business ...
... Profiles luthier Peter Langdell and his Rigel mandolins, which have unique designs featuring ... the differences between his S-110 and G-110 Rigel mandolins. ...
King Cotton
John Church Co. (Cincinnati) 1895
Liberty Bell
John Church Co. (Cincinnati) 1894
Invincible Eagle
John Church Co. (Cincinnati) 1901
The Bride-Elect: March
John Church Co. (Cincinnati) 1898
Mandolin Concerto
Classical concerto from 1799
Hands Across the Sea
John Church Co. (Cincinnati) 1899
Jack Tar
John Church Co. (Cincinnati) 1903