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Juan Carlos Marulanda López
Born in Bogota in 1970, colombian composer is specialized the management of music companies, products and services. National Prize of Music of Colcultura, in 1992 and 1996, and the first prize in the Competition of Musical Comp...
Franz Berwald
Franz Adolf Berwald (23 July 1796 – 3 April 1868) was a Swedish Romantic composer who was generally ignored during his lifetime. He made his living as an orthopedic surgeon and later as the manager of a saw mill and ...
Elias Mertel
Elias Mertel (ca. 1561-1626) was a German lutenist, composer and intabulator of the Late Renaissance era. He was originally from Wangenbourg and worked in the employ of Friedrich IV until 1595, then becoming financial manager i...
Nicola Francesco Haym
Nicola Francesco Haym (6 July 1678 – 31 July 1729) was an Italian opera librettist, composer, theatre manager and performer, and numismatist. He is best remembered for adapting texts into libretti for the London operas of Georg...
Philip Rosseter
Philip Rosseter (1568 – 5 May 1623) was an English composer and musician, as well as a theatrical manager. His family seems to have been from Somerset or Lincolnshire, he may have been employed with the Countess of Sussex by ...
Gayle Young
Gayle Young (born 1950) is a Canadian composer and author. Young is an adherent of microtonality who has invented a number of musical instruments and notational systems. She began writing for Musicworks magazine in 1978, becomi...