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Esaias Reusner
Esaias Reusner (the Younger) (29 April 1636 in Löwenberg in Silesia, now Lwówek Śląski, Poland – 1 May 1679 in Berlin, Germany) was a German lutenist and composer. His first lute teacher was his father Esaias (lutenist to the P...
Maddalena Casulana
Maddalena Casulana (c. 1544 – c. 1590) was an Italian composer, lutenist and singer of the late Renaissance. She is the first female composer to have her music printed and published in the history of western music.
Vincenzo Galilei
This article refers to the father of Galileo Galilei. For Galileo’s son of the same name, see Vincenzo Gamba. Vincenzo Galilei (c. 1520 – 2 July 1591) was an Italian lutenist, composer, and music theorist, and the father of the...
Ernst Gottlieb Baron
Ernst Gottlieb Baron or Ernst Theofil Baron (17 February 1696 – 12 April 1760), was a German lutenist, composer and writer on music. Baron was born in Breslau into the family of Michael Baron, a maker of gold lace who ...
Jacques Bittner
Jacob Büttner, widely known by the French version of his name Jacques Bittner, (floruit 1680) was a lutenist and composer of Austro-Bohemian origin. He published 170 pieces for lute in Nuremberg in 1682 and 1683. Little is know...
Bálint Bakfark
Bálint Bakfark (Hungarian: [ˈbaːlint ˈbɒkfɒrk]; also Valentin Bakfark, his name is variously spelled as Bacfarc, Bakfarc, Bakfarkh, Bakffark, Backuart) (1507 – 15 or 22 August 1576) was a Hungarian composer of Saxon origin, and...
Arnolt Schlick
Arnolt Schlick (July 18?, c. 1455–1460 – after 1521) was a German organist, lutenist and composer of the Renaissance. He is grouped among the composers known as the Colorists. He was most probably born in Heidelberg and by 1482...
Denis Gaultier
Denis Gaultier (Gautier, Gaulthier; also known as Gaultier le jeune and Gaultier de Paris) (1597 or 1602/3 – 1672) was a French lutenist and composer. He was a cousin of Ennemond Gaultier.
Conrad Paumann
Conrad Paumann (c. 1410 – January 24, 1473) was a German organist, lutenist and composer of the early Renaissance. Even though he was born blind, he was one of the most talented musicians of the 15th century, and his performanc...
Hans Gerle
Hans Gerle (c.1500, Nuremberg - 1570, Nuremberg) was a German lutenist and arranger of the Renaissance. Little concrete information is available regarding Gerle's life. His father was probably Conrad Gerle (died 1521), one of t...
John Dowland
John Dowland (1563 – buried 20 February 1626) was an English Renaissance composer, lutenist, and singer. He is best known today for his melancholy songs such as "Come, heavy sleep" (the basis of Benjamin Britten's 1963 composit...
Charles Mouton
Charles Mouton (1617 - before 1699) was a French lutenist and composer. There were musicians in Mouton's mother's family, one of whom worked at the French court. Mouton was living in Paris in 1664, where he had several affluent...
Francesca Caccini
Francesca Caccini (18 September 1587 – after 1641) was an Italian composer, singer, lutenist, poet, and music teacher of the early Baroque era. She was also known by the nickname "La Cecchina", originally given to her by the Fl...
Jacques de Saint-Luc
Jacques de Saint-Luc (baptized 19 September 1616 – ca. 1710) was a Flemish lutenist and composer. Saint-Luc was born in Ath in 1616; nothing is known about his early years. In 1639 he was invited to become a musician at ...
Alexander Street (2011) 1 track 43:24
... The Lyrichord Early and Classical Music Podcast: Joseph Iadone, Lutenist Alexander Street ... Released in 2011 Joseph Iadone, Lutenist Performer: Joseph Iadone ... Performance: Episode 4: Joseph Iadone, Lutenist Album CD ...
... The book of sheet music "English Lutenists Vol. 2," edited by Oscar Cacérès, is reviewed (Henri Lemoine). ...