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Fernand Halphen
Fernand Gustave Halphen (born February 18, 1872 – May 16, 1917) was a French Jewish composer.
Joseph Achron
Joseph Yulyevich Achron, also seen as Akhron (Russian: Иосиф Юльевич Ахрон) (May 13, 1886 – April 29, 1943) was a Russian composer and violinist of Jewish origin, who settled in the United States. His preoccupation with Jewish ...
Alexandre Tansman
Alexandre Tansman (12 June 1897 – 15 November 1968) was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of Jewish origin. He spent his early years in his native Poland, but lived in France for most of his life, being granted French ...
Franz Waxman
Franz Waxman (/ˈwæksmən/; 24 December 1906 – 24 February 1967) – born Franz Wachsmann – was a German and American composer of Jewish descent, known primarily for his work in the film music genre. His film scores include Bride o...
Joseph Ascher
Joseph Ascher (3 June 1829 – 20 June 1869) was a Dutch-Jewish composer and pianist who was active in London and Paris for most of his life.
Sholom Secunda
Sholom Secunda (4 September [O.S. 23 August] 1894, Aleksandriya, Russian Empire – 13 June 1974, New York) was an American composer of Ukrainian-Jewish descent.
Salamone Rossi
Salamone Rossi or Salomone Rossi (Hebrew: סלומונה רוסי or שלמה מן האדומים‎‎) (Salamon, Schlomo; de' Rossi) (ca. 1570 – 1630) was an Italian Jewish violinist and composer. He was a transitional figure between the late Italian Re...
Julius Schulhoff
Julius Schulhoff (Julius Šulhov) (August 22, 1825 – March 15, 1898) was a Bohemian pianist and composer of Jewish birth. As a composer, he was best known for his virtuosic salon pieces for solo piano, which included a grand son...
Jakob Rosenhain
Jakob Rosenhain (Jacob, Jacques) (2 December 1813 in Mannheim – 21 March 1894 in Baden-Baden) was a Jewish and German pianist and composer of classical music. Rosenhain made his debut at the age of 11. During their 1837 season,...
Charles-Valentin Alkan
Charles-Valentin Alkan (French: [ʃaʁl valɑ̃tɛ̃ alkɑ̃]; 30 November 1813 – 29 March 1888) was a French-Jewish composer and virtuoso pianist. At the height of his fame in the 1830s and 1840s he was, alongside his friends and colleag...
Louis-Claude Daquin
Louis-Claude Daquin (or D'Aquino, d'Aquin, d'Acquin; July 4, 1694 – June 15, 1772) was a French composer of Jewish ancestry, writing in the Baroque and Galant styles. He was a virtuoso organist and harpsichordist.
Boris Papandopulo
Boris Papandopulo (Honnef am Rhein, today's Bad Honnef, February 25, 1906 – Zagreb, October 16, 1991) was a Croatian composer and conductor of Russian Jewish descent. He was the son of Greek nobleman Konstantin Papandopulo and ...
Moritz Moszkowski
Moritz (Maurice) Moszkowski (23 August 1854 – 4 March 1925) was a German-Jewish composer, pianist, and teacher of Polish descent on his paternal side. His brother Alexander Moszkowski was a famous writer and satirist in Berlin....
Dragan Plamenac
Dragan Plamenac (born Dragan Siebenschein; 8 February 1895 – 15 April 1983) was a Croatian Jewish composer and musicologist. Plamenac was born as Karl Siebenschein in Zagreb on 8 February 1895. His father, Robert Siebenschein, ...
Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst
Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst (8 June 1812 – 8 October 1865) was a Moravian-Jewish violinist, violist and composer. He was widely seen as the outstanding violinist of his time and one of Niccolò Paganini's greatest successors. He was ...
George Szell
George Szell (/ˈsɛl/; June 7, 1897 – July 30, 1970), originally György Széll, György Endre Szél, or Georg Szell, was a Hungarian-born Jewish-American conductor and composer. He is widely considered one of the twentieth century'...
Modest Altschuler
Modest (Moisei Isaacovich) Altschuler (February 15, 1873 – September 12, 1963) was a cellist, orchestral conductor, and composer. He was born in Mogilev, then part of the Russian Empire, now in Belarus, into a Jewish family. He...
Iván Fischer
Iván Fischer (born 20 January 1951) is a Hungarian conductor and composer. Born in Budapest into a musical family of Jewish heritage, Fischer initially studied piano, violin, cello and composition in Budapest. His older brother...
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