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Analytical Approaches to World Music
Analytical Approaches to World Music focusses on analytical, theoretical, and cultural aspects of the panoply of world musical traditions. Submissions may take the form of articles as well as shorter essays, research notes, interviews, editorials, reviews, or any other innovative ...
Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics
MusMat is a semiannual publication organized and edited by the MusMat Research Group. The magazine brings together articles, interviews and news on the interaction between music and mathematics in applications in musical analysis and composition.
ITG Journal
The International Trumpet Guild
The ITG Journal is published quarterly and includes articles on history, performance, literature, recordings, research, pedagogy, physiology, interviews, instrument modifications, and many other trumpet-related areas. The Journal features columns dealing with aspects of trumpet performance and reviews of books, music, ...
Perspectives of New Music
Perspectives of New Music is directed to a readership consisting of composers, performers, scholars, and all others interested in any kind of contemporary music. Published material includes theoretical research, analyses, technical reports, position papers by composers, sociological and philosophical articles, ...
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Keyboard Perspectives
The Yearbook of the Westfield Center for Historical Keyboard Studies provides a rich and lively forum for scholars, performers, instrument-builders and amateurs of the keyboard across both time and genre. Keyboard Perspectives offers peer-reviewed articles, interviews, and reviews of the ...
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Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts
Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts is devoted to promoting scholarship on the psychology of the production and appreciation of the arts and all aspects of creative endeavor. To that end, we publish manuscripts presenting original empirical research and ...
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Revista Vórtex
The Vórtex Music Journal (Revista Vórtex) is an online publication by the State University of Paraná (Brazil). The Editorial Board stimulates the submission of research that presents great value to our society, both in the artistic and scientific domains. As ...
Music and Medicine
An Interdisciplinary Journal
Music and Medicine is a new interdisciplinary journal that will be an integrative forum for clinical practice and research related to music interventions and applications of clinical music strategies in medicine. Each peer reviewed issue will offer original articles, case ...