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Harry Thacker Burleigh
Henry Thacker "Harry" Burleigh (December 2, 1866 – September 12, 1949), a baritone, was an African-American classical composer, arranger, and professional singer. He was the first black composer to be instrumental in the develo...
... The characteristics and possible value of a 75th Anniversary Ludwig drumset are featured. ...
... characteristics, the quality of construction is excellent, and the chrome plating is unparalleled. ...
Five Characteristic Impressions
Late-romantic character piece
Music Man Sub1
Guitar Player (2004) Vol. 38, No. 10, pp. 136-138, 140
Toccata and Fugue
Baroque toccata & fugue

The Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565, is a piece of organ music written, according to its oldest extant sources, by Johann Sebastian Bach. The piece opens with a toccata section, followed by a fugue that ends in ...

... XILS-lab's miniSyn'X virtual instrument is reviewed. ...
Clavia NORD C2
Keyboard (2011) Vol. 37, No. 5, pp. 48-51
Yamaha A3M and A1R
Guitar Player (2011) Vol. 45, No. 13, pp. 114-116,118,120