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Indian Point Rhapsody
Cimarron Music Press 2007
Donemus 2004
Farewell = (Wee-Tuh-Tuh-Tah)
Joseph Bayhylle Shunatona , (oku) 1919
Hark! 'tis the Indian drum
Novello & Company
The Indian polka
G. Willig (mdu) 1852
Indian polka
Lee and Walker (pau) 1849
Indian Serenade
H. B. Stevens Company (Boston) 1899
Indian hunter quick step
Firth and Hall (nyu) 1844
The Indian polka
G. Willig, Jr. (mdu) 1853
The Indian carnival
Anthony Philip Heinrich (nyu) 1849
The Indian exile, or, The absent lover
J. E. Boswell (mdu) 1854
The Indian bride's farewell ballad
F. D. Benteen (mdu) 1844
The Indian warrior's grave
A. and J. P. Ordway (mau) 1850
Dark eyed Ulalee, or, Indian maiden of Echo lake
Geo. P. Reed and Co. (mau) 1855
American Indian melodies
Wa-Wan Press (Newton Center, Mass.) 1901