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Two Royal Fanfares
20th century instrumental piece
... Sheet music for a collection of fanfares scored for brass quintet is reviewed (Hickman Music Editions, 2007). ...
Baroque fanfare from 1729
Chandos (2003) 7 tracks 01:08:00
... at the North Pole Ghost Train Celtic Fanfares 4 Celtic Fanfares 3 ... Celtic Fanfares 1 Celtic Fanfares 2 Producer: Ian Lawson ... Performance: Celtic Fanfares Performance Venue: Hollyfield Studio ...
... Kaisershot's set of fanfares for three trumpets is reviewed (Sans Nom Publication). ...
Trumpet Fanfares, (6 pieces)
Baroque fanfare from 1722
... This collection of fanfares is reviewed. ...
Celtic Fanfares
20th century fanfare
Three Fanfares
Chester Music 1976
Three Fanfares
Romantic quartet from 0000
... the five fanfares "could precede a hymn introduction, [or] serve as the introdution to a familiar ... hymn." Also suggests combining fanfares to make "brief preludes or postludes." ...
... Uber's collection of three fanfares for trumpet quartets is reviewed (Kendor Music Inc., 2002). ...