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Charles Oberthür
Charles Oberthür (born as Carl Oberthür) (4 March 1819 – 8 November 1895) was a German harpist and composer active in Germany, Switzerland and England.
Mark Elder
Sir Mark Philip Elder, CH, CBE (born 2 June 1947) is a British conductor. He is the music director of the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester, England.
Benjamin Zander
Benjamin Zander (born March 9, 1939 in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, England) is an English conductor, currently musical director of the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.
Ciro Pinsuti
Ciro Pinsuti (9 May 1829 – 10 March 1888) was an Anglo-Italian composer. Educated in music for a career as a pianist, he studied composition under Rossini. From 1848 he made his home in England, where he became a teacher ...
Orlando Gibbons
Orlando Gibbons (baptised 25 December 1583 – 5 June 1625) was an English composer, virginalist and organist of the late Tudor and early Jacobean periods. He was a leading composer in England in the early 17th century.
Bernard van Dieren
Bernard Hélène Joseph van Dieren (27 December 1887 – 24 April 1936) was a Dutch composer, critic, author, and writer on music, much of whose working life was spent in England.
Frederick Delius
Frederick Theodore Albert Delius, CH (/ˈdiːliəs/ 29 January 1862 – 10 June 1934) was an English composer. Born in the north of England to a prosperous mercantile family, he resisted attempts to recruit him to commerce. He was s...
Craig Leon
Craig Leon (born 7 January 1952) is an American-born record producer, composer and arranger currently living in England. Leon was instrumental in launching the careers of many recording artists including The Ramones and Blondie...
E. M. S.
Edward Salim Michael (1921, Manchester, England – November 2006, Nice, France) was a composer of symphonic music, he is also the author of books on spirituality and meditation. It was to Buddhism that he felt closest, but as hi...
Raymond Premru
Raymond Eugene ("Ray") Premru (June 6, 1934 – May 8, 1998) was an American trombonist, composer, and music teacher, who was based for most of his career in London, England. His work on the bass trombone was widely admired, and ...
John Joubert
John Joubert (/dʒuːˈbɛər/ jew-BAIR) (born 20 March 1927) is a British composer of South African descent, particularly of choral works. He has lived in Moseley, a suburb of Birmingham, England, for over 40 years as of 2007. A mu...
William Byrd
William Byrd (/bɜːrd/; birth date variously given as c.1539/40 or 1543 – 4 July 1623, was an English composer of the Renaissance. He wrote in many of the forms current in England at the time, including various types of sacred ...
John Frederick Lampe
John Frederick Lampe (born Johann Friedrich Lampe; probably 1703 – 25 July 1751) was a musician. He was born in Saxony, but came to England in 1724 and played the bassoon in opera houses. His wife, Isabella Lampe, was sister-in...
Johann Christoph Pepusch
Johann Christoph Pepusch (1667 – 20 July 1752), also known as John Christopher Pepusch and Dr Pepusch, was a German-born composer who spent most of his working life in England. Pepusch was born in Berlin. At the age of 14, ...
Thomas Tallis
Thomas Tallis (c. 1505 – 23 November [O.S. 11 November] 1585) was an English composer who occupies a primary place in anthologies of English choral music, and is considered one of England's greatest composers. He is honoured fo...
George Whitefield Chadwick
George Whitefield Chadwick (November 13, 1854 – April 4, 1931) was an American composer. Along with Horatio Parker, Amy Beach, Arthur Foote, and Edward MacDowell, he was a representative composer of what is called the Second Ne...
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