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Antonín Dvořák
Antonín Leopold Dvořák was a Czech composer. After Bedřich Smetana, he was the second Czech composer to achieve worldwide recognition. Following Smetana's nationalist example, Dvořák frequently employed aspects, specifically rh...
Bedrich Smetana
Bedřich Smetana (Czech pronunciation: [ˈbɛdr̝ɪx ˈsmɛtana] ( listen); 2 March 1824 – 12 May 1884) was a Czech composer who pioneered the development of a musical style which became closely identified with his country's aspiration...
Bohuslav Jan Martinů
Bohuslav Martinů (Czech: [ˈboɦuslaf ˈmarcɪnuː]; December 8, 1890 – August 28, 1959) was a Czech composer of modern classical music. Martinů wrote 6 symphonies, 15 operas, 14 ballet scores and a large body of orchestral, chamber...
Vítězslava Kaprálová
Vitezslava Kapralova (Brno 1915-Montpellier 1940) is considered an important representative of inter-war Czech music and the most important Czech woman composer of the twentieth-century.
Leoš Janáček
Leoš Janáček (Czech pronunciation: [ˈlɛoʃ janˈaːt͡ʃɛk], baptised Leo Eugen Janáček; 3 July 1854 – 12 August 1928) was a Czech composer, musical theorist, folklorist, publicist and teacher. He was inspired by Moravian and other S...
Gideon Klein
Gideon Klein (6 December 1919 – c. January 1945) was a Czech pianist, classical music composer, and organizer of cultural life at Theresienstadt concentration camp.
Erwin Schulhoff
Erwin Schulhoff (Czech: Ervín Šulhov; 8 June 1894 – 18 August 1942) was a Czech composer and pianist. He was one of the figures in the generation of European musicians whose successful careers were prematurely terminated by the...
Josef Bohuslav Foerster
Josef Bohuslav Foerster (30 December 1859 – 29 May 1951) was a Czech composer of classical music. He is often referred to as J. B. Foerster. The surname is sometimes spelled Förster.
Anton Reicha
Anton (Antonín, Antoine) Reicha (Rejcha) (26 February 1770 – 28 May 1836) was a Czech-born, later naturalized French composer. A contemporary and lifelong friend of Beethoven, he is now best remembered for his substantial early...
Ilja Hurník
Ilja Hurník (25 November 1922 – 7 September 2013) was a contemporary Czech composer and essayist. Hurnik was born in Poruba, now part of Ostrava. He entered the Prague Conservatory, then went on to the Prague Academy of Arts, w...
Jan Ladislav Dussek
Jan Ladislav Dussek (baptized Jan Václav Dusík, with surname also written as Duschek or Düssek; February 12, 1760 – March 20, 1812) was a Czech composer and pianist. He was an important representative of Czech music abroad in t...
Franz Krommer
František Krommer (Czech: František Vincenc Kramář; 27 November 1759 in Kamenice u Jihlavy – 8 January 1831 in Vienna) was a Czech composer of classical music, whose 71-year life span began half a year after the death of George...
Oskar Nedbal
Oskar Nedbal (26 March 1874 – 24 December 1930) was a Czech violist, composer, and conductor of classical music.
Zdeněk Fibich
Zdeněk Fibich (Czech pronunciation: [ˈzdɛɲɛk ˈfɪbɪx], 21 December 1850 – 15 October 1900) was a Czech composer of classical music. Among his compositions are chamber works (including two string quartets, a piano trio, piano qua...
Hans Johann Krása
Hans Krása (30 November 1899 – 17 October 1944) was a Czech composer, murdered during the Holocaust at Auschwitz. He helped to organize cultural life in Theresienstadt concentration camp.
Jaroslav Ježek
Jaroslav Ježek (Czech pronunciation: [ˈjaroslaf ˈjɛʒɛk]) (September 25, 1906 – January 1, 1942) was a Czechoslovakian composer, pianist and conductor, author of jazz, classical, incidental and film music.
Josef Suk
Josef Suk (4 January 1874 – 29 May 1935) was a Czech composer and violinist. He studied under Antonín Dvořák, whose daughter he married.
August Wilhelm Ambros
August Wilhelm Ambros (17 November 1816 – 28 June 1876) was an Austrian composer and music historian of Czech descent.
Jan Zach
Jan Zach, called in German Johann Zach (baptized 13 November 1699 – 24 May 1773) was a Czech composer, violinist and organist. Although he was a gifted and versatile composer capable of writing both in Baroque and Classical idi...
Rafael Kubelík
Rafael Jeroným Kubelík (29 June 1914 – 11 August 1996) was a Czech-born conductor and composer. Son of a well-known violinist, Jan Kubelík, he was trained in Prague, and made his debut with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra at t...