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... Stand-up comedy has made an extreme comeback this year, and the comedians are drawing inspiration ... from rock and roll music. Many big name stand-up comedians are booking large venues, and some, like ... David Cross, have toured with indie-rock bands. A sidebar contains a sampling of comedy routines from four comedians. ...
Maximum Exposure, Maximum Laughs
Billboard (2014) Vol. 126, No. 17, pp. 25
... Five suggestions for comedians to connect with a mass audience are given. ...
That's The E-Ticket
Billboard (2012) Vol. 124, No. 24, pp. 8
... A quiz about pop culture is presented, touching on such individuals as comedians, dancers, figures ...
Southern comedian Jerry Clower, 71, dies
Billboard (1998) Vol. 110, No. 36, pp. 12, 127
He's Got the Look
Billboard (2011) , pp. 98
... The 2011 "Billboard" Music Awards will be hosted by comedic actor Ken Jeong, who presents 10 reasons comedians want to be rock stars. ...
Uncut (2013) , No. 195, pp. 88
Magical Misery Tour
Billboard (1998) Vol. 110, No. 38, pp. 26
... The popularity of the country comedy genre is discussed. Comedians including Jeff Foxworthy, Bill ... on "Billboards" Top Country Albums chart. Country comedians appeal to a wide range of audiences, and ...
Obituaries: John Reed
Opera News (2010) Vol. 74, No. 11, pp. 77
... event brought together comedians in Las Vegas, Nevada, and New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA). The ... participants, including comedians and jazz bands, are detailed. Proceeds from the event benefited victims of Hurricane Katrina. ...
Q&A: Al Murray
Music Teacher (2015) Vol. 94, No. 3, pp. 17