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Christian Geist
Christian Geist (c. 1640 – 27 September 1711) was a German composer and organist, who lived and worked mainly in Scandinavia.
Christian Sinding
Christian August Sinding (11 January 1856 – 3 December 1941) was a Norwegian composer. He is known for his lyrical works for piano, such as Frühlingsrauschen (Rustle of Spring, 1896). He was often compared to Edvard Grieg and r...
Christian Cannabich
Johann Christian Innocenz Bonaventura Cannabich (bapt. 28 December 1731 in Mannheim – 20 January 1798 in Frankfurt am Main), was a German violinist, composer, and Kapellmeister of the Classical era. A composer of some 200 works...
Christian Wolff
Christian G. Wolff (born March 8, 1934) is an American composer of experimental classical music.
Johann Christian Bach
Johann Christian Bach was a composer of the Classical era, the eleventh surviving child and youngest son of Johann Sebastian Bach. He is sometimes referred to as "the London Bach" or "the English Bach", due to his time spent li...
Ivar Christian Hallström
Ivar Christian Hallström, born Stockholm, 5 June 1826, died in that city on 11 April 1901 was a Swedish composer, particularly of opera. After many years neglect, Hallström’s operas were revived, in Umeå in 1986 with Bergtagna,...
Johann Christian Kittel
Johann Christian Kittel (18 February 1732 – 17 April 1809) was a German organist, composer, and teacher. He was one of the last students of Johann Sebastian Bach. His students included Michael Gotthard Fischer, Karl Gottlieb Um...
Carl Friedrich Christian Fasch
Carl Friedrich Christian Fasch (18 November 1736 – 3 August 1800) was a German composer and harpsichordist. Born in Zerbst, he was the son of the composer Johann Friedrich Fasch. He was initially taught by his father. In 1756 h...
... A commentary on contemporary worship and Christianity is presented. ...
Classical hymn
Erland von Koch
Sigurd Christian Jag Erland Vogt von Koch (26 April 1910 – 31 January 2009) was a Swedish composer.
Garland Publishing 1802
... Chai recalls his experiences as a visiting organist in Beijing, and traces the volatile history of Christianity in the country. ...
... In an excerpt from an interview in the February 15, 2015, edition of "CCM," Darlene Zscheh discusses her Christianity and her music. ...
Chrétien Urhan
Chrétien Urhan (Baptised as Christian Urhan; 16 February 1790 in Montjoie – 2 November 1845 in Belleville) was a French violinist, organist, composer and player of the viola and the viola d'amore.
Max Bruch
Max Christian Friedrich Bruch (6 January 1838 – 2 October 1920), also known as Max Karl August Bruch, was a German Romantic composer and conductor who wrote over 200 works, including three violin concertos, the first of which h...
God Fixation
Billboard (1998) Vol. 110, No. 26, pp. 24
... relationship to Christianity are inscribed, communicated and indigenized through the lyrical messaging of modern hip-hop. ...
Alfredo Keil
Alfredo Cristiano Keil (3 July 1850 – 4 October 1907) was a Portuguese romantic composer and painter. Keil was born in Lisbon, the son of Johann Christian Keil (son of Johann Georg Keil and wife Elisabeth ...) and wife (m. ...