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Romantic opera from 1851

Rigoletto (pronounced [riɡoˈletto]) is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi. The Italian libretto was written by Francesco Maria Piave based on the play Le roi s'amuse by Victor Hugo. Despite serious initial problems with the Austrian censors who ...

Ballade No. 4
Romantic ballade from 1842
Ballade No. 1
Romantic ballade from 1835
Ballade No. 3
Romantic ballade from 1841
Ballade No. 2
Romantic ballade from 1839
John Jacob Niles
John Jacob Niles (April 28, 1892 – March 1, 1980) was an American composer, singer, and collector of traditional ballads. Called the "Dean of American Balladeers", Niles was an important influence on the American folk music rev...
4 Ballades
Romantic ballade from 1854
Ballade No. 2
Romantic ballade from 1853
Romantic ballade from 1879
Late-romantic ballade
Ballade No. 1
Romantic ballade from 1848
Ballade slave
Late-romantic ballade
... Book review (Green Man Press) reviews comic book examination of selected ballads from the Scottish ... , Irish, and English traditions. Examines folk sources of popular ballads. Discusses artist Charles ... Vess whose work accompanies popular authors' descriptions of ballads and sagas. ...
... Investigates a subgenre of the old ballads collected in Child's "English and Scottish Popular ... Ballads," which feature comic representations of relationships between married couples. Comments on ... research by German scholars who have not only analyzed and classified these ballads but also related ...
Scarborough Fair
Renaissance ballad
... Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads available and English Broadside ... Ballad Archive available at are reviewed. The sites feature premier research libraries of 16th and 19th-century ballads. ...
... "Broadside Ballads," a collection of 17th-century English ballads selected and edited by Lucie Skeaping, is reviewed (Faber Music). ...
... Reviews Vess's book "Ballads" (Green Man Press, 1997, $9.95) which is described as adaptations of ... nine traditional ballads by Vess and "some of the top writers of comic books and fantasy literature ... ." Notes a discography of the ballads, as well as short biographies of the singers, musicians, and ...