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Wilhelm Kienzl
Wilhelm Kienzl (17 January 1857 – 3 October 1941) was an Austrian composer.
Joseph Haydn
(Franz) Joseph Haydn was a prominent and prolific Austrian composer of the Classical period. He was instrumental in the development of chamber music such as the piano trio and his contributions to musical form have earned him t...
Anton Bruckner
Anton Bruckner was an Austrian composer known for his symphonies, masses, and motets.
Marianne von Martinez
Marianna Martines or Marianne von Martinez (Vienna, May 4, 1744 – December 13, 1812), was an Austrian singer, pianist and composer of the classical period.
Anton Eberl
Anton Eberl (13 June 1765 – 11 March 1807) was an Austrian composer, teacher and pianist of the Classical period.
Johann Strauss II
Johann Strauss II (October 25, 1825 – June 3, 1899), also known as Johann Strauss Jr., the Younger, the Son (German: Sohn), Johann Baptist Strauss, was an Austrian composer of light music, particularly dance music and operettas...
Alma Mahler
Alma Maria Mahler Gropius Werfel (born Alma Margaretha Maria Schindler; 31 August 1879 – 11 December 1964) was a Viennese-born composer and socialite. She became the wife, successively, of composer Gustav Mahler, architect Walt...
Edmund Eysler
Edmund Samuel Eysler (12 March 1874 – 4 October 1949), was an Austrian composer.
Hans Gál
Hans Gál OBE (5 August 1890 – 3 October 1987) was an Austrian-British composer, teacher and author.
Joseph Marx
Joseph Rupert Rudolf Marx (May 11, 1882 - September 3, 1964) was an Austrian composer, teacher and critic.
Johann Joseph Fux
Johann Joseph Fux (German: [ˈfʊks]; c. 1660 – 13 February 1741) was an Austrian composer, music theorist and pedagogue of the late Baroque era. He is most famous as the author of Gradus ad Parnassum, a treatise on counterpoint,...
Fritz Kreisler
Friedrich "Fritz" Kreisler (February 2, 1875 – January 29, 1962) was an Austrian-born violinist and composer. One of the most noted violin masters of his or any other day, and regarded as one of the greatest violin masters of a...
Josef Matthias Hauer
Josef Matthias Hauer (March 19, 1883 – September 22, 1959) was an Austrian composer and music theorist. He is most famous for developing, independent of and a year or two before Arnold Schoenberg, a method for composing with al...
Joseph Lanner
Joseph Lanner (12 April 1801 – 14 April 1843) was an Austrian dance music composer. He is best remembered as one of the earliest Viennese composers to reform the waltz from a simple peasant dance to something that even the ...
Ludwig Minkus
Ludwig Minkus (Russian: Людвиг Минкус), also known as Léon Fyodorovich Minkus (23 March 1826 – 7 December 1917), was an Austrian composer of ballet music, a violin virtuoso and teacher. Minkus is noted for the music he composed...
Ralph Benatzky
Ralph Benatzky (5 June 1884 – 16 October 1957), born in Moravské Budějovice as Rudolf Josef František Benatzki, was an Austrian composer of Czech origin (when Benatzky was born Bohemia was part of the Austrian Empire; Benatzky ...
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (c. 1620–1623 – between 29 February and 20 March 1680) was an Austrian composer and violinist of the middle Baroque era. Almost nothing is known about his early years, but he seems to have arrived in V...
Franz Schubert
Franz Peter Schubert was an Austrian composer. Schubert died before his 32nd birthday, but was extremely prolific during his lifetime. His output consists of over six hundred secular vocal works (mainly Lieder), seven complete ...
Alban Berg
Alban Maria Johannes Berg (/ˈɑːlbɑːn bɛrɡ/; German: [ˈbɛɐ̯k]; February 9, 1885 – December 24, 1935) was an Austrian composer of the Second Viennese School. His compositional style combined Romantic lyricism with twelve-tone tech...
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (3 February 1736 – 7 March 1809) was an Austrian musician and composer.