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Egon Wellesz
Egon Joseph Wellesz (21 October 1885 – 9 November 1974) was an Austrian, later British composer, teacher and musicologist, notable particularly in the field of Byzantine music.
Hans Gál
Hans Gál OBE (5 August 1890 – 3 October 1987) was an Austrian-British composer, teacher and author.
Fritz Stiedry
Fritz Stiedry (11 October 1883 – 8 August 1968) was an Austrian conductor and composer.
August Wilhelm Ambros
August Wilhelm Ambros (17 November 1816 – 28 June 1876) was an Austrian composer and music historian of Czech descent.
Johannes Kretz
Johannes Kretz (born 8 May 1968 in Vienna) is an Austrian composer and teacher for computer music and music theory. He lives and works in Vienna and created various compositions in the fields of new music, among those: music th...
Johann Joseph Fux
Johann Joseph Fux (German: [ˈfʊks]; c. 1660 – 13 February 1741) was an Austrian composer, music theorist and pedagogue of the late Baroque era. He is most famous as the author of Gradus ad Parnassum, a treatise on counterpoint,...
Simon Sechter
Simon Sechter (11 October 1788 – 10 September 1867) was an Austrian music theorist, teacher, organist, conductor and composer. He may have been the most prolific composer who ever lived, outdoing even Georg Philipp Telemann in ...
Hugo Riesenfeld
Hugo Riesenfeld (January 26, 1879 – September 10, 1939) was a Jewish Austrian-American composer. As a film director, he began to write his own orchestral compositions for silent films in 1917, and co-created modern production t...
Dieter Kaufmann
Dieter Kaufmann (born 22 April 1941) is an Austrian composer.
Gerhard Wimberger
Gerhard Wimberger (30 August 1923 – 12 October 2016) was an Austrian composer and conductor.
Paul Angerer
Paul Angerer (born 16 May 1927 in Vienna) is an Austrian violist, conductor and composer.
Gerd Kühr
Gerd Kühr, also Gerd Kuhr (born 28 December 1952 in Maria Luggau), is an Austrian conductor, composer of classical music and academic teacher. He is known for operas, such as Stallerhof on a libretto by the author of the play, ...
Klaus Ager
Klaus Ager (born 10 May 1946 in Salzburg) is an Austrian composer and conductor. Ager studied piano, composition, and conducting at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, and musicology at Salzburg University. He continued his studies in c...
Josef Rufer
Josef Rufer (1893–1985) was an Austrian-born musicologist. He is regarded as a significant figure mainly on account of his association with and writings on Arnold Schoenberg. Rufer was a pupil of Alexander von Zemlinsky and Sch...
Klaus Lang
Klaus Lang (born 26 April 1971 in Graz) is an Austrian composer, concert organist, improviser, and academic teacher. His opera Die Architektur des Regens (The Architecture of Rain) after the Noh play Shiga by Zeami was premiere...
Otto M. Zykan
Otto Matthäus Zykan (29 April 1935, Vienna – 25 May 2006, Sachsendorf, Burgschleinitz-Kühnring) was an Austrian composer and pianist. He studied at the Vienna Music Academy, where his teachers included Karl Schiske (composition...