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Aldo Finzi
Aldo Finzi (Milan, February 4, 1897 - February 7, 1945) was an Italian classical music composer.
... A book that explores the life and works of Italian composer Aldo Finzi is reviewed (Conservatorio ... de Music 'Giuseppe Verdi'; book and CD). Recordings of chamber works by Finzi (Bel Air Music) and a ...
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... ;or Composed by: Aldo Finzi Featured Composition: Catharine ... Composed by: Aldo Finzi ... Featured Composition: C'era una volta Composed by: Aldo Finzi ...
... The posthumous premiere of Aldo Finzi's only opera "La Serenata al Vento," has inspired a belated homage to the composer. ...
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... The December 1, 2012, premiere of Aldo Finzi's "La serenata al vento" at the Teatro Donizetti and ...
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