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Abraham's daughter, or Raw recruits
Firth, Pond & Co. (New York) 1862
Abraham's daughter
M. Gray (San Francisco)
Cuffee's war song
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1863
Happy hours in Coontown
F. A. Mills (New York) [1899]
The darkie's frolic
Hitchcock's Music Stores (New York) 1892
The darkies wedding dance
M. D. Swisher (Philadelphia) 1903
Coon smiles
Doty & Brill (New York) 1902
I'se gwine back to dixie
White, Smith & Co. (Boston) 1874
The Southern contraband
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1865
That's what the niggers then will do
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1865
Happy contraband polka
Louis Grunewald (New Orleans) 1865
Happy contraband waltz
Louis Grunewald (New Orleans) 1865
Happy contraband schottisch
Louis Grunewald (New Orleans) 1865
The Joy of freedom
John Church Jr. (Cincinnati) 1865
The Black brigade
Wm. A. Pond & Co. (New York) 1863
The Contraband schottische
Oliver Ditson Co. (Boston) 1893