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Acoustic Musician
CAS Journal
Music Perception
Music Perception charts the ongoing scholarly discussion and study of musical phenomena. Publishing original empirical and theoretical papers, methodological articles and critical reviews from renowned scientists and musicians, Music Perception is a repository of insightful research, drawing on fields including ...
United States of America
Journal of Mathematics and Music
The Journal aims to advance the use of mathematical modelling and computation in music theory. It focuses on mathematical approaches to musical structures and processes, including mathematical investigations into music-theoretic or compositional issues as well as mathematically motivated analyses of ...
United States of America
Journal of New Music Research
The Journal of New Music Research (JNMR) publishes material which increases our understanding of music and musical processes by systematic, scientific and technological means. Research published in the journal is innovative, empirically grounded and often, but not exclusively, uses quantitative ...
Arti Musices
Croatian Musicological Review
Arti musices is the only specialized scholarly journal in the field of musicology in Croatia. It has been published continously since 1969 in Zagreb. Presenting the results of the researches of Croatian musical heritage and musical-culturological room in general, over ...
Music & Science
Our point of departure is the idea that science—or, more accurately, the sciences—can help us to make sense of music and its significance in our lives. Music exists in complex and diverse forms across historical time and within and across ...